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not closed. >> my last word, republicans that are, when there was no october surprise because they are going to get one this year. >> i don't have any doubts there will be an october surprise. >> sean: we'll be back tomorrow. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. new evidence that fox news obama administration new the libya attack was an act of terror as it happened. fox news has obtained e-mails that al-qaeda link claimed responsibility for the benghazi as it was ongoing at the consulate. they sent them to the pentagon, white house and c.i.a. and state department. that means hundreds of national security figures received the emits in realtime. john bolton joins us. >> good evening. >> greta: now that the paper trail. there is now proof that the
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state department and the white house knew as this was going on that a terrorist group with links to al-qaeda had claimed responsibility, facebook and twitter yet they came out with that ridiculous video story? >> this is no surprise. we know that the security guards at the compound in benghazi were in cellphone contact with the state department in realtime. technology being what it is. they don't send old-fashioned and cables in times of great urgency. they send e-mails. apparently we've got several of them that were widely distributed in the united states government. it's not surprisingly because the people on the ground in benghazi knew the security environment they faced and expected it. they had been cabling back asking for security enhancements. this is playing out of everything they worried about, now as you say, there is a paper trail. it's much harder to sweep away. >> greta: according to what we
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can piece at 4:05 local time united states, 10:05 in benghazi cable, u.s. diplomatic mission under attack. what we have been told during that time is that president obama, vice president biden and secretary of defense panetta were in the oval office together. there was a second e-mail at 4:54, third e-mail at 6:07 our time, 12:07 in benghazi and the 12:07 one was update to. they claim responsibility for benghazi attack. that the third e-mail. apparently the facebook and twitter. in the e-mail tracks we have, there is never one, any reference to some videotape or some protest. >> look, it's standard procedure for any diplomatic facility around the world. if there is a demonstration you report it back to washington. it's good method ideology so you
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can assess the threat level. there were no cables, no e-mails no nothing that day about demonstrations outside the consulate. with these e-mails show beyond a doubt that the state department was fully possessed of the information in realtime. it leads to the question why the administration asked for c.i.a. assessments. all they this to do is ask the state department. why didn't the c.i.a. ask the state department what was going on. >> greta: this situation according to the e-mail addresses, and by the way, yellow category, do you what that means? >> i don't know what that means. i have not understood the way this played out on september 11th and the day after, is why the entire top levels of administration weren't on red alert over this. i can't speak for what happened inside the obama.
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any administration i would have been in, his top advisors would have been on this immediately. >> greta: they actually went out with most ridiculous story. they had on september 16th which was five days after this happened, even though they knew it realtime, they knew it that night as they were watching it terrorist group on their state department website, it has a link to al-qaeda. they knew that night. they send ambassador rice out on sunday the 16th to go all those and lie and make up that story about the video. two days later, david letterman, president pushing the story. there is no place in the information we have so far that -- it's like they made it up. they also don't forget the ad that president obama and secretary of state clinton did that was shown in pakistan about that video. they knew it that night. i don't get it. >> this goes to the question we have discussed. what could the motivation be?
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one alternative obviously was considered is the cover-up. these e-mails say to me that if anybody at the white house thought they could cover the story up by referring to the mohammad video, with this documentary evidence in realtime it wasn't just a cover-up. it was an incredibly stupid cover up. this may be further proof ideology explanation, there is a screen over consciousness that prevents them from seeing reality when it is put in front of them. >> greta: i can understand it's uncertain. they don't want the american people to know this specific group claimed responsibility as it happened. it wasn't they didn't know. they actually came up with some lying. >> it's worse than that. if in fact they wanted to buy time, then it was certainly easy enough we're gathering the facts. but they picked a line that was
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politically convenient for them, regardless of the evidence, in the teeth of the evidence. fact they pursued up and including the president speaking to the world that the united nations general assembly when there was just precious little to go on really speaks to me of willful blindness. i don't know psychologically how you can interpret it. >> greta: can you interpret any other way than a lie? >> if it is, if it is a cover-up and intentional deception how foolish can you be this is not going to come out at some point. >> greta: why would they come with the video in they could come up with something else, we're not of the group, but why come up with a video? >> i'm probably the person least able to come up with reasons why they think the way they do but
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the ideology explanation is most powerful because it explains why they refused repeated requests for security enhancements for embassy before september 11th. they didn't want to acknowledge that al-qaeda was resurging in libya because it under cut the story line on the war on terror is over and al-qaeda is on the run and arab spring has been a success. that led to the denials and request for security en has. that led to the strategy in benghazi and i think that led to this ridiculous story it was caused by some youtube video. >> greta: i think the president should address this nation and sort this thing out. i think he should tell us. i think we deserve that. ambassador, thank you. >> now to the election, 14 days and candidates are hitting the swing states right after taking swings at each other. >> nt end mitt romney was
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appealing to those people in america still undecided. people may be weary of war and they want to make sure that mitt romney is some bayonet waving warmonger. >> half the time i didn't know whether governor romney was there to debate barack obama or endorse barack obama. >> i have a message for the governor, governor you can't run from the truth. you can't run from your record. you can't run from your policies. >> by the way, this line about horses and swords, i never did that to community organizer about his experience back in 2008. the point is his ridicule of mitt romney is was unpresidential and frankly in my view unacceptable. >> the truth is that attacks on
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me are not an agenda. we have gone through four debates, vice presidential debate and my debate we haven't heard an agenda from the president. that is why his campaign is taking on water and our campaign is going ahead. >> before the debates general impression of romney, he was very stiff and that if he happened to be elected in president it would be a disaster. what you have after the debates, people feel this is qualified man and intelligent man and this is man we don't describe as stiff and totally out of touch. >> president obama has decided that his path to reelection is to distort, distract and see if he can win this election by default. >> if you come down with a case of romnesia, if you can't remember the policies on your
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website, if you can't even remember what you said last week don't worry. obamacare covers preexisting conditions. we can fix you up. we can cure this disease! >> we saw obama the community organizer. we saw a panic i think barack obama. we saw a guy i think knows he is in trouble in ohio. obama who appeared to be the challenger, not the leader and not the incumbent. romney owned that. >> greta: tonight governor rosmdz taking the big lead in the swing state poll. according to the rasmussen poll swing states, governor romney is leading 50-45%. that is biggest lead either candidate has held in last four weeks. sarah palin joins us. good evening.
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>> hi, how are you? >> greta: very well. your thoughts about last night's debate? >> watching the debate in realtime, of course, it was a bit frustrating. i guess vicariously answer some of those false charges leveled against him by president obama and romney i think couldn't keep up with all the lies and spin of barack obama. the mocking and the criticism and arrogance, petulant attitude it's so refreshingly that finally american voters can see minus the filter of the main stream media they can hear what mitt romney stands for and have faith that we have a good choice in contrast to the failed administration of barack obama. >> greta: many people in the republican party, burning up my e-mail account last night during the debate and also during our
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late show. they were complaining that governor romney didn't challenge president obama on the libya situation. it was rather sort of a gentle passing and everybody moved on. your thoughts about that? >> i think now, 24 hours after this debate, now hearing your breaking news about what happened in realtime, the information that was provided to the state department to the white house, via these e-mails on the benghazi attack, i think mitt romney would have a different approach total answers in the debate last night. why is it, it's fox news that has to break this news on september 11th those weeks ago, that our state department did know in realtime, 400 administration officials knew this benghazi attack was a terrorist attack. yet they went out and lied to the american people for weeks on end.
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now, 300 to 400 people that received these e-mails in realtime knowing this was an attack, their friends with people in the mainstream media. they party with these people. it's not the mainstream media who is busting the story the truth on this. they protected barack obama and his people in this administration? allowing this lie to perpetuated this attack was due to some benign video that no one really has seen a trailer on youtube. it's ridiculous. >> greta: it was my colleague, chad who is a producer who got these e-mails very late tonight and immediately e-mailed them all of us. chad is the one who got them for us. it is sort of curious that this video story, i hate to be hung up on something. i really don't understand, why
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didn't he say, we don't know? why did he try to deflect it? for the life of me, when something like happened on our property at the consulate on september 11th when they were watching it by the drones overhead. they knew the crisis was going on. they come up with this video story. when they knew right then and there in realtime a group they declared terrorists linked to al-qaeda and they talk about this video. >> exactly. keep trying to find what the purpose would be in this cover-up. why the mainstream media in protecting obama would perpetuate this cover-up. it is appalling but it's not surprising. there is no moral compass in this administration. it is a corrupt mainstream media. what breaks my heart about all this. the loss of four brave americans through this tragedy is we have
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our sons and daughters overseas fighting for that freedom of the press in america. yet, there is abuse of the freedom of the press where the press gets out there and they are free to the lie to american people about what is going on. in the meantime, we have 6,000 troops to have lost their lives in iraq and afghanistan in these recent years fighting to protect the freedoms here in america. it absolutely breaks my heart. perhaps i'm the wrong person to ask to comment on such a issue. i have loved ones in war zones. i think it's absolutely appalling. this more than anything else in the obama administration that they tried to pull the wool over the american public's eyes trying to pretend trying to pretend something other than the facts show. >> greta: i wish the president would address the nation on this.
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maybe i have it all wrong. i don't see it any other way. i hate to think our government lying to us. i can't figure this out. the evidence, i can't set it down. there is an e-mail in realtime. it is what it is. if there is an explanation, i would really like to hear from the president. the president was in the oval office. vice president was there. secretary of defense and they are watching in realtime. they have phone calls. we have four americans that are literally trapped over there and shot to death or burned to death as we are watching. this whole video story is beyond me. >> greta, don't be surprised that this administration is capable of lying. look what barack obama even said last night. tip of the iceberg, the lies he was throwing out. he tried to claim, sequestration was just a proposal. it's a lie. he says it ain't going to
10:17 pm
happen. is he going to ignore the constitution and people? >> greta:. >> bob woodward says it was his administration. they are the ones. now, they are trying to push it off on congress. >> and they is barack obama as an individual told the american people last night that it was just a proposal of congress's and it wasn't going to happen. its law. he signed it. he has no respect for the different branches of government as the executive will fulfill the will of the people via congress. last night, one thing after another with the false charges and false claims. romney could not keep up with all the untruths and lies. don't be surprised on this libya attack, too, that things aren't as they appeared.
10:18 pm
>> greta: governor, thank you. >> straight ahead other new accusations leveled at obama administration. they tried to save the lives of four americans murdered in libya or did they just watch? liz cheney is here. >> we go on one on one with ohio
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>> for 7 hours, they can nothing to move any of the forces in italy, for example, in to help protect our people. >> according to the article, italy is 480 miles from benghazi, which is about a little over an hour flight. we didn't put any plaps in the air or special ops in the air or move anything to the region to
10:24 pm
the area, should we decide, you know, to go in there and try to protect them. >> you have a situation right now in the united states, where we have, obviously, this huge news story of the presidential election. and the... you know, two weeks now from -- tonight, you will be voting and know what the outcome is. at the same time. have you -- you have this major, major news story of the president of the united states, not providing the security that was requested, not responding when the consulate was under attack and lying to the american people for as long as 10 days after the attack. i hope that if the media's doing its job, tomorrow in the white house press briefing, the president will be asked, what did you do when you learned at 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., siting there with the vice-president and the secretary of defense, what did you do? why didn't you order any action? why didn't you order forces in to protect our people. >> it's always easy wer 20/20 hindsight to figure out what to
10:25 pm
do. i am hesitant to be critical that nothing was done to try to save them. but it is really hard had they had 7 hours that we didn't move any assets towards benghazi, you know? and... and wen best writes the story, the former secretary of defense under reagan, that we could have buzzed the area in the f-18 and scattered everybody because the planes are so scary at a close distance. it is like we just sat and watched. i mean, no one said, let's try something. let's try to help these people. let's try to save them. as best i can see -- and i don't have the intelligence and the information. but it appears we department -- from what i have, we didn't do anything. >> it is impossible for me to believe that the secretary of defense would not have said to the president, here's your option, mr. president. we need to know, did the president seek the options? did the president reject the options? i would like to know where the secretary of state was? these emails were coming in to
10:26 pm
the state department, to the situation room, to the dni, these are people directly under her responsibility and authority. where was she at 5:00 p.m. on september lech? what was going on? what did she recommend? >> i would love to know from the secretary of defense, why i mean -- if anything was done. were things moved in secret that i don't know know about to try to save these people? i can't think of these four, sitting in this compound, two we know died of smoke inhalation, at least the ambassador did and they were there quite sometime. i don't know how long before the 7 hours of hell that went on there. but i would like ton that -- that we tried to save our americans, that we tried to do something. i will say with some hesitation, it is easy, 20/20 hindsight on that issue. >> right. but if you look at the article, he talks about president reagan. within 90 minutes, making the decision that have you to order
10:27 pm
a plane forced out of the sky that we knew had terrorists on board. 90 minutes, he made the stigz. this is seven hours and you know, because you have the drone. you know because you are following it in realtime. people are calling directly in, saying we are under attack. we dont know where the ambassador is. we have have been hit with mort awe can't get to the annex and by the way, sharia has claimed responsibility. and the president sat in the oval office and did absolutely nothing. >> 1 at 4:04 and one at 4:54 that said something peculiar. it said -- firing at the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi, the compound has been cleared. a response team is on site. that's odd. but the other oneway came in two hours later. >> we know there was a break in the attack. we to know, for example, in therms of the -- terms of the
10:28 pm
mortar rans, they took the time to be able to realine and make sure they had mortar rounds directed. we know it was a well-planned attack. you know nasome of the initial information you get in is sometimes wrong. that's absolutely true. we need to know what was going on when the second email was sent, but you had 7 hours. >> we need to hear from the government, what happened. so we know -- if they don't tell us, we imagine things. >> not just the government, but the president of the united states. >> our political panel with the undecided voters decorates final debate push anyanyone toward a decision? new york city banned big sodas and another city could follow. is it your city? that's coming up. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity...
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>>. i know you haven't been in position to executed foreign policy but every time you have offered an opinion you have been wrong. >> greta: 54 million viewers watched the debate. not all made up their minds and the candidates want to dazzle with success. did either succeed? editor rick cline and bureau chief michael crowley and bob kusack. >> i think most people think president obama won but mitt romney got more out the have the
10:33 pm
debate. he looked presidential up there. he looked reasonable and responsible and plausible as commander in chief. that he was in command of the facts for most of the night. think. >> commander in chief but romney took a different tone. he applauded him when he gave him where credited is due. as undecided voters he isn't a repeat of the bush years. he seemed like a plausible and commander in chief. >> i agree with lot of what he said. i think it was clear the media consensus was a clear obama win. romney has some goals. look, romney's goal was to go in there an indict obama's foreign policy, tear holes into what he was saying. i don't think he did that. it was sound to sound credible.
10:34 pm
i think he did succeed. it was amazing. he wanted to come out and he was going to come out with a john lennon t-shirt. we don't want iraq or entangled in syria. he wanted to pull a george bush halloween mask. it's not the neo cartoon with the ads in the campaign. that romney wanted to stay in iraq or afghanistan. romney did a good job of pushing back on that. >> i do think he looked like a statesman. he landed so many blows. we're not going to remember this debate. we're going remember the first debate, especially if romney wins. he came across as a statesman and might have thrown obama off. i thought it was going to be continuation of the second debate. >> greta: it's unbelievable the people still watching these
10:35 pm
debates. >> this is a grind and has so much intensity. there are a lot of people that can be swayed. from this point on, 14 days could decide it. >> greta: what would you say to people undecided at this point? >> i think the classic profile for undecided voter is someone that voted for president obama four years ago and still likes him and believes the promise he represented but doesn't feel like things have moved in the right direction. that has been the hurdle for mitt romney and that is what made the debates so critical. to go toe to toe with the president to look like a possible alternative. they have to close the deal, president obama has to remind them what they felt four years ago. >> ohio? >> as tight as can be right now. they are feeling really good for
10:36 pm
romney zblrg. >> greta: they is all say. we're doing great. everybody on both sides. >> but the numbers bear them out. it is getting closer. there is clear momentum on romney's part in ohio. i talked to democrats they feel like the auto bailout and also ohio is economy which is not as bad as national economy. a friend said unemployment out there 7%, most important number in american politics, john kasich is saying things are getting better. that could save obama in ohio and win the election. >> greta: up next, what is spooky for the republicans. no republican nominee has won without winning ohio. and two minutes, is the government going too far? government going too far? another city may ban sodas. hungry for the best?
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>>. >> greta: another battle on the war on soda. drinks larger than 16 ounces and washington, d.c. city council may soon be taking up the beverage battle. they have voiced the support for restricting soda size. they say it would combat obesity. one may introduce legislation in the near future. other lawmakers say they don't want to tell people they can buy and sell. two years ago a similar measure failed in washington city council. what do you think a ban on large drinks. should the government step in in on public health issues? should people ma you can their own decisions. go to greta we are back in two minutes. ♪
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the state of massachusetts taking action against the pharmacy at the center of a deadly outbreak of meningitis. moves are underway to revoke the license of the new england compounding center. a preliminary investigation found visible specks of fungus in steroids link to the outbreak and the drugs were sent out before test results could determine if they were sterile. 23 have died and more than 300 sickened. 300 more non-citizens suspected on the colorado state voter rolls. the office said that 141 people who received letters appeared to be noncitizens, based on the federal immigration database.
10:43 pm
i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to gret a. thanks for watching fox. the fox business k giving you the power to prosper. >> greta: 13 days until election day and it leads straight to ohio. why? ohio, griff jenkins spoke one on one with john kasich. >> reporter: governor, a matter of days now, what is going to drive ohioans to vote for governor romney? >> i think people are trying to figure out what we're going to do about the undecided voters. it's hard to believe that at this point anybody could be undecided. what you can do is see romney living in ohio. i wonder if we can get him to pay income taxes while he is here. in all seriousness, first debate
10:44 pm
changed the whole debate in ohio. romney gained tremendous momentum. you see great momentum across the state. people are enthusiastic and the polls indicate that republicans are sort more intensely motivated. you keep that up and you search for undecided voters. he needs to be here. the more people see him and more they like him and more they get him. >> reporter: we saw you the rnc and you were talking about the story of ohio. giving folks a chance to rebuild things. you talked about the remarkable turn around from 48th in country for job creation to 4th. how much is a part of that happening with this race? >> well, what i say, we've done better than we had been doing. we were gaining. we are up 112,000 jobs.
10:45 pm
people are more and more optimistic about the situation in ohio. i have to constantly worry about this bad news and bad winds that come out of washington. people are paralyzed. small business people don't know what to do. they fear higher taxes. they fear healthcare imposed on them they can't pay for. they are sitting on the sidelines. too many on the sidelines. in that kind of paralysis hurts our ability to come back. that is why i'm for mitt romney. i think he will remove that uncertainty. he will be clear on what he wants to do and do better. at the end of the day, all i care about in this stated who is going to be the best job creator. i don't have any doubt in my mind, romney is the better job creator. part of it he has created jobs. he has been criticized because he worked at a place where they created jobs. if there is anything we need in politics today it's somebody
10:46 pm
that understands the problem and has a solution to the problems. the problems are really frankly gets down to one thing and issue of jobs and gets down to who is going to fatten their wallet. if my family is doing better. if my wallet is skin and nothing in hit then my family is hurting. that is what people care about it. >> reporter: critics say it's not so much as governor has done it's about the auto industry and bailout? >> i wouldn't care if they gave credit to the green martian that isn't me. reagan told who gets credited but it's what gets done. the 112,000 jobs that have been created, we're thrilled with the auto industry that it is here.
10:47 pm
there has been investments and footprint is smaller it's strong. the numbers don't bear out and people should understand that. >> greta: straight ahead. breaking news, e-mails showing the obama administration knew the libya
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
>>. >> greta: now on more the breaking news, new evidence that the obama administration new the libya attack was a terrorist attack. an al-qaeda group claimed responsibility. we're back with our political panel. >> i think it's new questions about why there was certainty emanating from susan rice in the aftermath to say it was about video when there was conflicting evidence. it was very confusing at the time. there was a lot of stories filtering in at the time. there were different messages but to have indication in realtime, e-mails going around that claim a terrorist attack, even if you don't know the details. in pretty short order after the fact we heard from the white house and administration in actual assignment of blame on this video. >> i want to know about this you broke this evening. i would like to more context. clearly, something funky is
10:52 pm
going on with the administration's position this. susan rice did seem to be operating from c.i.a. talking points and they didn't seem to have the e-mails. it's a little murky to me. i would zoom out and what is the larger point here. i think although there is some reason to think people were not completely straight and disclosing all the information they knew, implication that obama had been soft against al-qaeda is not accurate or fair one. the drone campaign against al-qaeda in pakistan, afghanistan has been effective. >> greta: i think the question is what happened? he is the one that is creating this vacuum. she one who has information that could tell us. he could get on tv and tell us. he is not. we may be getting it wrong. if we're getting it wrong, it is his fault. >> there have been conflicting changing stories here. there is something funky about
10:53 pm
it. i would say i don't understand what the coverup would be the political charges, they don't want to admit al-qaeda resurgence. so, to me it's not clear to me. >> this report highlights the fact this group was attacking responsibility on facebook and twitter. no one seems to have said get everybody in the room, state department, white house, c.i.a., what happened? i think it's going to make a great book some day. someone down the line was jumping the gun and making basically making up claims that were not are not true, especially about the video. these e-mails don't mention the video. >> greta: why -- i can't figure it out. president should tell us what happened. why doesn't he say, we don't know. this is an investigation.
10:54 pm
why didn't you say it's ongoing investigation. >> he said something to the effect. she said that they were demonstrations. there were no demonstrations in benghazi but they piggy backed demonstrations and it was unclear. she didn't say it was all about the video. >> that is the c.i.a. talking point on it. >> greta: do they issue talking points? >> it does in terms of summarizing the intelligence. but there was so much out there in the early days and now that is conflicting that certainty is puzzling. >> and they can clarify it now as you say. admit if in the fog of the war in tragedy, okay, but what happened? >> greta: if we have it wrong and taking the wrong assumptions i blame the administration. they are the ones that have the
10:55 pm
information. they are the ones who represent the american people. they are the ones who creating this problem for themselves. step up to the plate and tell us what happened. from my perspective and i don't like to think the government deliberately lied to me, but i think it would be naive to be extremely suspicious. >> i'm surprised that mitt romney didn't hit it hard last night in the debate. >> greta: now, the media will. coming up last call. one candidate may have to reinflate his campaign [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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>> greta: its time for last call. a slight snag on the campaign trail in florida. what happened? >> yesterday a helium-filled blimp said "america needs romney" crash landed in florida. no one is sure what went wrong. the pilot was like [ speaking

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